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About Antalya

It is the fifth  most crowded city in Turkey. It is located on  the  southwest  coast  Anatolia, borderlined with the Toros Mountains. There are more than one million people in the metropolis. It is the most crowded Turkish city in the mediterranean. There are many  tourist attractions, transfer and transportation companies. 


Nowadays the city which is called Antalya was founded about 200 B.C by  Attalid Pergamon.  Antalya developed  due to the Roman governance . Monuments  like the Hadrian Door and neighboring cities increasedwith this governance. It was  conquered by the  Seljuk Empire in 1207  and the Ottoman Empire  in 1391. It remained in their territory for five hundred years. During World war l, the Italians  occupied Antalya but after the  independence war it remained in the border of Turkey.  Turizm was supported by the government with development and government contribution .  In 2014 twelve and a half million  tourists  have visited Antalya and villages around. This is why the transfer companies in Antalya are quite experienced in this sector. 


Antalya is protected from the North winds due to the Toros Mountains. The weather during summer the city is hot and dry, in winter it is warm and rainy. Almost 300 days a year it is sunny. In summer the sea degree is average of 34,4degree celcius. The lowest is recorded in February.

Places to visit

Although it has an architectural heritage of Hellenistic period, most of the architecture carrys Turkish-Islamic character with the mosque, madrasah, caravanserai, baths, tomb and middle age Ottoman structures. The  modern city was built among  the antique city and that is why the antique structures have been protected very well.

For further information about places to visit and transfer can be reached from the site kemerviptravel  With its Ottoman style houses and Albanian cobblestone streets, Kaleiçi (old town) Antalya is the oldest city centre. Hotels, restaurants and shops have been reconstructed protecting the ancient structures.  The  narrow streets lead to the ancient port. The citys main square (Cumhuriyet meydanı) is one of the popular places to visit for local and foreign tourists. It is surrounded by shopping malls and public buildings. It is also possible to see the Hellenistic , Roman, Byzantium, Seljuk and  Greek  architecture to and from the Antalya Airport.

These are some places you can get help to visit from the transfer companies:

Hadrian Door: Was built for Empror Hadrian  in the second  century by the Romans.

İskele Mosque: A nineteenth century mosque close by the port.

Karatay Madrasah: Was made in 1250 by Emin Karatay

Kesik Minare Mosque:  Was used  as a Roman temple at one stage.

Marina: A port from the Roman period.

Yivli Minaret Mosque:  Was built by the Seljuk’s. Equipped with navy blue and turquoise tiles. The minaret became the symbol of the city. Transfer companies provide transportation to places to visit.

Regional and local dishes you must taste

Artichoke Crete Kebab: A dish which has came from the Greek Islands. A delicious taste   artichoke cooked with cubed meat, onion and spring onion .

Wedding soup: Another name for it is the hülükl soup. The ingrediants are chicken, yoğurt and garlic. There is another version made  with meatballs chickpees and tomato paste.

Frigyan stuffed bellpepper: After  bellpeppers are stuffed  with mince meat  it is dipped into flour then egg and fried.

Cive: A vegatarian meal generally cooked with tomato and rice.

Alanya Pack: Prepared with crepe batter. At breakfast and lunch it is prefered with cheese and at dinner it is served with meat.

Gökçesu rice: It is prepared with chickpees, parsley, dill and carrot cooked with rice.

Shilofta: Home made pastry cut in stripes and boiled. Served with almond, sesame and walnut. 

Banana dessert: After baking the bananas it is served with a sauce made of orange juice.

Hibeş:  Made with tahini, lemon juice, garlic and spices mixed together. It can be served  as a sauce on the side of a  chicken or meat dish. Also is very tasty to dip in with bread.