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About Muğla

It is a city in the southwest of Turkey. Muğla has several boroughs which are prefered for holidays. It is like the capital province of Bodrum, Marmaris, Datcha, Dalyan, Fethiye,  Blue Lagoon (Ölüdeniz ) and Sarigerme. These places are well known for its popular tourism resorts and its beautiful coast. Specially, the Blue Lagoon which is one of the rare coasts around the world is popular due to its calm waters even during storms. This is why it is named Ölüdeniz which means Dead Sea.Transfer opportunities have been developed according to the large number of tourists who visit the area every year.


Mugla has two airports. The city has nine port Gates in total. It is possible to reach the surrounding cities as well as the big cities such as Istanbul or Ankara at any time by road. Travel and transfer companies can also be found in the city.

Places To Visit

Travel companies are very handy  when you need a transfer to these places. You can contact a travel company  to discuss your transfer options and opportunities. Even though Muğla is close to the tourizm destinations, it has recently been realized.

Below are some interesting places which can be visited during your holiday.

Muğla Ulu Mosque: It was built by Menteshe  Beyler in 1344. 

Konakaltı Han: Nowadays it is used as an art gallery.

Yagcilar Han: It was built as a caravanserai in the eighteenth century fort he purpose of trading and commercial.

Kurshunlu Mosque:  Is a large mosque built in 1495.

Mugla City Museum: It is a museum with  a beautiful collection of archeologcal artifacts besides the 9 million year old animal and plant fossils discovered in Kaklcatepe near Mugla.

Bazaar: It is a remnant belonging to the Ottoman Period.  It was built by a Greek Master named Filivari Usta. It is marked with a clock tower. 

Vakıflar Hamamı: It is an ancient  bath that worked until 1258.

Old Neighborhood: It is also named Saburhane  Square, where there is  a consisting estimate of 400 houses registered from the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries. The majority of these houses, usually in the Turkish-Ottoman style, usually in the Turkish-Ottoman style, are depicted on the basis of double-winged doors called lamb doors and courtyards surrounded by city-specific chimneys. There are also Greek houses. The difference between the two houses can be told by looking at the materials used in tgheir architecture and if they are arranged inwardly or outwardly.

Art House: It is one of the places were students spend most of their time.

Bodrum Castle: It is one of the most popular places of the city. It was built in 1400 and served Catholic soldiers. Today it is used as a museum.

Butterfly Valley: It can be reached by boat departing from Ölüdeniz (Deadsea). In order to go, it is necessary to contact the management of this natüre area. Visitors can stay in tents or bungallows. 

Ships Island: You can reach this island by getting in contact transfer companies or rental boats. There are remains of churches from fourth and sixth centuries on this island. It has a beautiful  nature  besides fabulous ruins.

Letoon: It is an area dedicated to Leto in Fethiye.

Mugla’s Local Dishes

Sündürme ( Streching ):  It is made with radish, garlic and pomegranate syrup. Radish is roasted with onions and it is served cool. 

Börülce Ekşimesi (Black Eyed Peas ): Preapared with a sauce which is made from garlic and olive oil.  It is consumed  as a cold dish. 

Rice With Octopus: Boiled octopus pieces are served with rice.

Cokertme Kebab: It consists beef, butter and yoghurt placed on thinly cut potatoes. 

Bodrum Ravioli: It differs from normal ravioli with its dough and folding. It is cooked by frying in oil and not boiled. Yoghurt and butter are poured over the browned ravioli.

Rock Shelter Salad: Rock Shelter is dressed with a sauce prepared with garlic and vineger . 

Milas Meatballs: The difference from other meatballs is that lemon and chickpeas are added.

Sour Fish: It is made from  coral, sting and  hano fish.Garlic, lemon and tomato paste are added.

Stuffed Mullet: A mixture of rice, parsley and onion is stuffed into the mullet and cooked.

Keşkek: The keshkek made in this area is usually made with goat meat, beef or chicken and served with oive oil.

Goat Stew: It is a juicy dish prepared from goat meat.